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Check for Plagiarism to Ensure Work Authenticity

Modern technology and Knowledge have made it easy for everyone to access a lot of information at any time. Original and authentic work became rare. With the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools, like ChatGPT, creators save time and money on generating ideas. Sometimes, creators recreate other people’s ideas or copy their work to represent it as their own. Copying others’ work is Plagiarism, an illegal task to represent and publish on their sites. CudekAI developed the AI plagiarism tool to check for plagiarism before submissions to avoid such mishaps. 

Plagiarized work doesn’t get a high ranking in SEO on Google, affecting writers’ trust. Where AI development has taken over writing platforms, it allows creators to check for plagiarism. AI plagiarism checkers are used to check duplicate content and the quality of original content. CudekAI offers the best plagiarism checker tool that is an alternative to Turnitin. This blog will briefly tell how to check for plagiarism with a free Online plagiarism checker tool.

AI Plagiarism Checker – Protect Your Work 

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What is plagiarism? Plagiarism is the illegal use of words, sentences, or paragraphs of written work like articles, without citing references to the original work. Plagiarized content never delivers the real ideas and creation of creators. It increases the chances of lower SEO rankings because the copied text is detected as spam by SEO engines. 

Writers, editors, and professionals can check for plagiarism in content, using the CudekAI AI plagiarism checker tool. The tools scan and check for plagiarism in the text then highlight the plagiarized text. Moreover, it categorized final results into Unique and plagiarism percentages. Search and try the best plagiarism checker available online to save time and make results accurate. 

To use a free online AI plagiarism checker tool for academics and content creation, CudekAI stands out in multilingual accuracy. Use the tool to check text in any language. 

How to check for Plagiarism Efficiently?

There is no hard and fast rule to use the AI plagiarism checker tool. CudekAI free plagiarism checker possesses a simple interface for users to save time. Follow the given guide and practices to check for plagiarism: 

Step-by-Step guide

  • First, check the document format (pdf, doc, docx) to upload a document in the provided field. Text can be copied and pasted to check for plagiarism in content. 
  • Process the AI plagiarism checker and wait for a few minutes to see the results. To scan the text, the best plagiarism checker will not take more than 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Try the two main modes of free plagiarism checker for students or free plagiarism checker for teachers. This helps to generate the results more accurately.
  • Review the results. The final results are based on plagiarized content highlighted and percentage categories of unique and plagiarism. 
  • Improve the writing by changing the detected text with the AI Reworder tool, that rewords text and then again check for plagiarism.

Manual Practices

The other method to Check for plagiarism in text is doing it manually. Here are three rules to remove plagiarism from duplicated content: 

  • Always provide citations or references in copied text.
  • Copy the text and rewrite it into your words to ensure authentic work.
  • Review the rewritten texts and publish them after removing plagiarism. 

Doing it manually takes much more time and effort than an AI plagiarism checker. 

Ensure Academics work Authentic

The development in technology has replaced the new ideas and thoughts created by the Education system. AI tools have locked the Academic research and bound the teachers and students to use AI resources for Assignments, homework, lectures, and research. AI plagiarism checker tools work efficiently for students and teachers from different perspectives.  How to check for plagiarism in academic works? Follow the given below places:

Free Plagiarism Checker for Teachers 

To check for plagiarism in homework, assignments, and projects, the CudekAI free plagiarism tool exceptionally helps teachers. Free plagiarism checker for teachers is an easy-to-use tool designed for teachers to check for plagiarism in work before grading. Utilizing the effort of tools, teachers can catch students cheating and focus on Quality work. 

Educators can benefit from the tool at any level to ensure original and researched work.

Free Plagiarism Checker for students

Students are raising the use of AI tools like ChatGPT, which only create repeated content without authenticity. This type of generated content is unintentionally plagiarized. Students are unaware that either they copied someone others text or not. Check for plagiarism with CudekAI free AI plagiarism checker, which offers students peace before submitting or publishing documents. The tool bypasses AI detection and checks plagiarism, ensuring teachers can’t detect plagiarism. 

AI plagiarism checkers give a quick and easy method to question how to check for Plagiarism. Its simple interface and cost-free tool features allow students and teachers to produce original content.


AI plagiarism checker tools have become essential to protect your writing work. To ensure authentic work, these tools deeply scan and analyze the text to prove the final results’ authenticity. The tool offers modes to check plagiarism in duplicated content. Educators can use a free plagiarism checker tool for students and a free plagiarism checker tool for teachers, designed specially to detect academic content.

Use the easy and best plagiarism checker CudekAI for free access.


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