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Human or AI? – A Comparison Guide to Detect AI

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been around the tech world for longer before humans get in touch with it. The spark of AI-powered features can be seen in numerous advanced creation and communication sites. At many points, AI has not replaced humans. But has turned human creators into AI users. The release of the famous writing tool; ChatGPT forced the public to generate as much content as they wanted. But failed as Google did not accept the AI-generated content as it, identifying it as spam. To detect AI, GPT detectors and Text humanizers are developed bringing controversy between Human or AI for humanizing content. 

To control machine-generated content, tech has reformed the ways to use GPT detectors for AI detection. CudekAI has developed a free AI content detector tool that detects the authenticity, privacy, and uniqueness of content by detecting AI within seconds. In this blog, you will learn how the CudekAI GPT detector works and the comparison of human or AI in the developing tech era.

What is a GPT detector?

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 GPT detector is known as an AI detector tool. This tool is designed to detect the text whether it is generated by a human or AI. It can detect text partially and completely, to determine AI-generated and human-written text. AI detector tool detect AI and outputs the results with a detailed analysis of words. Bypass AI content detector by using an online free GPT detector, to ensure the inconsistencies and critical thinking approach.

The AI content detector tool by CudekAI is used to detect AI-generated content for SEO purposes. The tool can only be used to compare human or AI content quality. GPT detector can accurately determine the amount of AI text in the original content. Moreover, the AI detector tool highlights sentences that are not human-written. Detecting tools are the best choice to compare Human or AI in content creation. It works faster than humans for humanizing text.

Technologies behind GPT detection

As a result of the huge creators’ movement to AI generative tools, copyright, plagiarism, and unauthenticity risks have been raised. GPT detection through CudekAI GPT detectors has come across to process Unique data. Here are the two advanced technologies that process the AI detector for GPT detection:

  • Machine learning

AI detectors are developed with Machine learning algorithms that identify patterns in large data sets. This lets the GPT detectors compare text structure and pattern with human or AI-generated text. 

  • NLP (Natural Language Processing)

This technology understands the human language and tone by deep analysis of AI-generated text. 

Human or AI – Comparison 

AI has become a popular content-generating tool in marketing, educational institutes, organizations, and writing offices to save time and cost for human writers. Furthermore, the turn-up for the GPT detector was raised to check if the work received was written by HumaI. Here is the detailed difference in how content from Human or AI varies:

Content comparison

  • AI detectors have fast processing speed and efficiency as compared to human. Human processing speed is slow and it takes hours to analyze each word written by AI. However, for informational content human are better than GPT detectors. Because these tools only detect AI and edit no authentication in content.
  • Human or AI both have good learning abilities but vary in memory. Artificial Intelligence learns from the regularly updated algorithm whereas human memories are influenced by emotions and experience.
  • AI lacks creativity in words because the text is generated on existing data patterns bounded by algorithms it has access to. Humans think creatively to write imaginative content. Human or AI vary a lot in this aspect that make it easy for GPT detector. 
  • AI writing tool and AI detector tool perform on the specific task for which tools are trained to. Humans apply knowledge flexibly with resources to be protected from GPT detection.
  • The learning power of an AI detector tool depends upon the algorithms installed in it. Both have slow learning processes because AI also learns from continuous training. 

The future is AI detector Tool

Still, there are many points in AI detection where GPT detectors fail to scan AI generated content. Many tech experts analyzed the AI detector tool and believe that AI detection can’t be done without them. AI writing tools humanize AI text within seconds by rephrasing the text but the text is also detected as AI-generated. This is where Human writers can do magic.  

The future of AI detectors is saved, as it is developing with regular training. CudekAI free AI text converter tool has advanced techniques for GPT detection. Detect AI with an AI detector tool to ensure high-quality writing afterward. 


As the popularity of AI writing tools; ChatGPT is growing rapidly, a lot of GPT detection tools claims to detect AI and differentiate between human or AI written texts. However, detectors are reliable tools to identify AI-generated texts. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, the CudekAI advanced GPT detector tool works exceptionally to detect AI. It scans and analyzes the AI text to highlight the AI-generated text. AI content detection is becoming necessary with AI detector tool. 

Try the CudekAI free AI text detector tool to verify original content.


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