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Mistakes You Should Avoid When You Rewrite Sentences

Cudekai is on the road to making everyone rewrite sentences easier and smoother. Therefore, it launched a top-grade sentence rewriter that is free and has a lot of capabilities and features. But, it is necessary to know about the common mistakes that a user can make while using this tool. Therefore, in this helpful guide, the pitfalls and their solutions are going to be revealed. 

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Over-reliance on the tool

Over-reliance means when a user relies on the tool only and does not make an effort to use his creativity. He prefers not to check the content manually. Even though these tools are designed to simplify the whole sentence rewriting process, they are prone to errors. When a user over-burdens the tool, the quality of the final output is usually decreased. It starts losing the original meaning and the context. To overcome this issue, it is best to have a manual check and detailed overview.

Ignoring Context 

In most cases, sentence rewriter free does not focus on the surrounding sentences and this ends in lacking depth and context of each sentence. It usually only focuses on the sentence that has been provided to it at present. As a result, the flow of the overall text will be affected. To avoid this problem, the user must ensure that all the sentences are placed in the correct order and aligned with each other. This is how he can make the content look engaging and exciting for the readers. 

Not Reviewing and Editing Output

Another mistake users usually make is not reviewing or editing the final output. They trust the tool unquestioningly and believe that the sentences will perfectly align with each other while not viewing the text before posting or submitting. Why is overview critical? Well, because there can be any small grammar and spelling errors that affect the quality. The solution to this problem is to take a reasonable amount of time to review the content carefully, as artificial intelligence and human creativity will do magic together. 

Using the Tool for Complex Sentences 

What are the complex sentences? Complex sentences are those harder and relatively longer sentences that contain multiple clauses. It becomes more challenging for the tool to work on these sentences as it might not profoundly understand the correct meaning properly. The results can be confusing and, sometimes, incorrect. Therefore, to avoid this problem, users can break them down into smaller parts that are easily understandable, and the quality of the content will be maintained. 

Neglecting to Customize Setting

Neglect of customized settings can significantly impact the quality of the sentences and, eventually, the whole piece of content. To get the outcomes according to their choice and requirements when you rewrite sentences, the users have to change the settings. They include the style and tone of the sentences that the user prefers. This way, the process will be faster, and there will be fewer mistakes and less need to make changes. 

Forgetting to maintain a consistent voice

Another mistake the users commonly make is forgetting to maintain a consistent voice, which is one huge factor. Dissimilarity agitates the flow of the content. To get rid of this mistake, it is essential to change the settings beforehand and allow the tool to work according to you. Pay attention to small factors like word choice and sentence structure. These are considered minor but significant problems that question the creativity of any writer. 

Cudekai’s Sentence Rewriter Tool

Cudekai’s sentence rewriter is free and offers basic and advanced modes. When it comes to the free version which you can use to rewrite sentences, the total limit is 1000 words. For the paid subscription, the users are allowed to rewrite sentences up to 15,000 words. The user has to tap on “Rewrite Text,” and the results will be displayed in front of him. Along with offering monthly paid subscriptions, Cudekai also offers packages that remain for a lifetime. The lifetime basic package costs $50 for a lifetime.

If someone is willing to go for the Pro version, then he will have to pay $100 for that. The packages are pretty reasonable. This is a blessing from Cudekai for its users, so people with all financial backgrounds can afford it. The best part is that the user can cancel the subscription at any time and upgrade or downgrade the pricing plans. There are no hidden charges or any extra fees. If the user has to exceed the limits of their current plan, they would have to subscribe to the advanced plans. Users can look at their monthly packages by clicking here.  

The Bottom Line

Cudekai is offering multiple AI tools that are beneficial for various purposes. Humans make mistakes, so using the sentence rewriter tool cannot be avoided. Therefore, they must give their content a final lookup. The solutions to these problems have been discussed above. By incorporating those, the users can improve their sentence rewriting experience and can generate high-quality and appealing content that aligns with the audience and the target audience. Let’s make a sentence rewriter accessible, a partner, and an assistant. The writers must show their creativity in the content and must not replace their talent with artificial intelligence tools. 


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