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Should You Trust an Online AI Detector?

After testing different online AI detectors, we have drawn some conclusions. All these AI detectors will give you different AI scores in the same article. For instance, you have written a blog, all by yourself, and have decided to check it through an English online AI detector. All of these tools will provide results according to their algorithms. Now the question that arises is: are they biased? For that, you will have to go over this article till the very end! 

Is an AI detector biased?

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The researchers have found out that an AI detector usually gets biased toward non-native English writers. They concluded after performing several studies and providing an online AI detector with several samples that the tool misclassified the samples of non-native English writers as AI-generated content. They penalize writers with linguistic expressions. But to get more accurate results, there is a need for more studies and research. 

Can an online AI detector be wrong?

Let’s have a deeper look at this question. There have been many cases when an AI-generated text checker considers completely human-written content as AI content, and this is known as a false positive. In many cases, after using tools like QuillBot and AI-to-human text converters, AI content cannot be detected. But most of the time, human-written content is flagged as AI content, ruins relationships between writers and clients, teachers and students, and ends in very disturbing results. 

Therefore, we shouldn’t put all our trust in these AI detector tools. However, top tools like Cudekai, Originality, and Content at Scale show results that are closer to reality. Along with that, they also tell if the content is human-written, a mix of both humans and AI or AI-generated. The tools that are paid are more accurate as compared to those that are free. 

Is content that is generated by AI detectors bad for SEO?

If the content you have written is generated by AI, has not used proper SEO measures, and has not checked the facts, it will be very dangerous for you. These AI generators usually make up fictional characters without letting you know. You will not be able to find out until you do research on Google and double-check. Further, the content will not be useful for your audience, and you will end up losing clients and the engagement of your website as well. Your content will eventually not follow SEO measures and can get a penalty. However, you can use different AI applications that will help in your content ranking.

Another important factor that we need to keep in mind is that Google does not care who has written your content, all it needs is content that has high quality, accuracy, and proper facts and figures. 

What does the future hold?

If we talk about the future and what it holds for AI detectors, these conclusions have been made. We cannot fully trust an online AI detector, as after several studies and tests, it has been shown that none of the tools can accurately tell whether the content is AI-generated or completely human-written. 

There is another reason, too. Content detectors like Chatgpt have introduced new versions and are working on the improvement of their algorithms and systems every day. They are now working their best to create content that mimics the human tone completely. On the other hand,

AI detectors do not focus much on improvement. With that said an AI-generated text checker can be helpful when you are at the editing stage of your content creation process. After getting done with the writing process, the best way to scan your content is in two ways:. One is to review the final draft with at least two to three AI content detectors. The second and most accurate one is to recheck the final version with the human eye. You can ask someone else to have a look at your final version. The other person can better tell you, and there is no replacement for human judgment. 

Can you fool an online AI detector? 

It is unethical to write content with the help of AI and then convert it using tools like AI content to human-like content converters. But if you are writing all the text yourself,. You can follow some measures that will prevent your content from being flagged by an AI detector as AI-generated text. 

All you have to do is to incorporate emotional depth and creativity into the text. Use short sentences and do not repeat words. Add personal stories, use synonyms and phrases, and avoid using words that are often generated by artificial intelligence tools. Last but not least, avoid using sentences that are too long. Instead, prefer the shorter ones. 

The Bottom Line

An online AI detector is used by many professionals, teachers, and content creators to ensure that the content they are going to post sooner or later on their website is original and not generated by AI. But, as they are not highly accurate, try to follow in the footsteps that will help identify your content as human-written. 


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