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How Can You Humanize AI Text?

AI is making our lives easier and this is a truth no one is going to deny. But at the same time, it fails to generate content that is emotionally strong, creative, and authentic as the one that is written by a human writer. Now, if we have a look at the term “humanize AI text” then what comes to mind first? Well, the conversion of AI to human text is the revamping of content that is written by an AI tool into something that sounds more human and natural. This is done through an AI-to-human converter tool

Humanization of AI Text

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The tool, also launched by Cudekai, helps people from different areas and fields, with a process known as “rewrite AI text to human text.” The tool uses advanced algorithms and Natural Language Processors that go through your content deeply, look for the sections that sound more robotic, and rewrite them in a human tone. The process is smooth and simple, and it is done within a few minutes. From giving your text a finer and more polished look, AI to human converters make them sound more emotional, natural, and engaging. 

But, before you publish your content, make sure it targets your audience well. It must be written according to the perspective of your readers. They are the real ones from whom you will benefit. 

Differences between Humanized Text and AI-Generated Text

Can you recognize between a text that is generated from an AI tool and another human-written one? Well, sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t! 

The main difference between these is that human written content is written with more creativity, personal experiences, anecdotes, and a sense of understanding and is expressed in a better way. If you ask the tool to rewrite AI text to human, it will add more of all these factors into your AI written content. 

Content that is generated by software usually has a limited use of new words. These tools are trained to a restricted amount of knowledge, which causes repetition and the use of the same words again and again. You will not see the use of any unique phrases or words in AI-written content. Therefore, Cudekai provides the benefit of AI to a human text-free converter that will ease your job and make the process efficient. This will also boost your productivity. 

Humanize AI Text With the Right Tool

What are the critical factors that will help you choose the right AI to Human text-free tool? Let us unveil some. Here are some tried-and-tested tips and techniques that will help humanize your AI text in a better way. 


Look for the tool that has options such as providing you with suggestions and auto-correction. This can reduce the time that you will spend on correcting the errors yourself as well as content introduction. This helps you with the growth as well.


No matter how many tasks you have at hand, the most important factor you must consider is your budget. With so many tools out there, go for the one that best suits your needs and does not let you cross your budget. Make sure that wherever you invest, it’s worth your money.


Our target audience should always be our preference. The tool you choose should meet the requirements of your target audience, and Cudekai always goes well with this. But for that, you should know what your readers and audience are looking for. So, you can guide the tool to generate and humanize AI text.

Language and writing style

The AI to human text converter uses the language it is trained on. The use of only specific phrases and words ends up in repetitive content and eventually a boring one. Therefore, ensure that the tool can work on diverse writing styles and tones. This will make your content more engaging and presentable to the world. 


Search engine-optimized content aims to provide the target with the right audience. This, in return, provides them with the right information. Your content must follow all the guidelines of SEO and attract a wider market. The proper use of hyperlinks and keywords will make your text SEO-optimized, thus enhancing its visibility. Hence, you must create content that is written by considering consumer feedback.

Add personal experiences and anecdotes 

The addition of your real-life experiences in your content will hook up the audience immediately. People usually get engaged with content that is based on actual lifetime stories. As AI is unable to do this, you must include them yourself at certain points. 


“Rewrite AI text to human text” is a process that needs to be smoother and more time-saving. But, for that, you will have to choose the appropriate humanized AI tool. Cudekai helps its users with this. It excels in providing the best results and content that aligns well with your needs and the requirements of your target audience. Our main objective behind this is to craft engaging final results that perfectly blend human feelings and emotions with the right information and the integration of AI.


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