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How does Cudekai’s AI Paraphraser work?

Cudekai’s AI paraphraser is a cutting-edge tool that helps paraphrase AI content and gives it a human and more natural look. It does this by replacing the words and restructuring sentences by maintaining the original meaning. This tool is useful for people in various sectors, such as professional writing, content creation, copywriting, journalism, teaching, and even marketing. With both free and premium versions available, Cudekai offers this tool to help many out there. So, in this blog, let’s reveal some top secrets of Cudekai’s AI paraphrase. 

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How it works

This step-by-step guide will make it easier for people to use this AI paraphrasing tool. 

  1. Begin by copying and pasting the text into the provided box by Cudekai’s platform. The user can also upload the file directly.
  1. After getting done with this, choose either a primary or advanced mode that will allow the tool to provide the results accordingly. The primary mode is more valuable for students and people with easy tasks, whereas the advanced mode is suggested for complex tasks like research papers, blogs, and articles. 
  1. If the user wants to change the language from English, tap on “auto” to select the required language. 
  1. Beyond simple word replacement, the tool works by changing the sentence structures, adding new synonyms, and ensuring that the paraphrased text remains original and seems non-robotic without sounding repetitive.
  1. Once Cudekai’s best paraphrasing tool has generated the result, it is suggested that the content be checked for plagiarism and refined. 
  1. After everything is up to the mark, copy the output directly or download it for further project use. 

Pricing of Cudekai’s AI Paraphraser 

Cudekai’s AI paraphrasing tool offers a variety of options to accommodate different user needs. The pricing ranges from the free version to a premium plan. 

Free version 

The free version of Cudekai’s AI paraphraser is designed for users who need to paraphrase short texts. It allows processing up to 1000 characters per session. Despite being free, it offers synonym replacement and basic sentence structuring, ensuring the text is unique. This free version is helpful for students, bloggers, and users who want to paraphrase small chunks of text without investing any money. 

Premium plans

For users who want to paraphrase more extensive texts and want more robust features, these premium plans are for them. These provide a higher character limit per session and are ideal for professional writers, researchers, and marketers. The premium plan’s advanced mode offers greater control over the output. Users can choose from different options that best suit their needs. Some additional benefits are enhanced language options that allow users to paraphrase in multiple languages. Along with monthly plans, there is an option of lifetime plans like Basic for $50 and PRO for $100. Each one of these is affordable and beneficial. 

Benefits of premium plans

  1. Higher character limits: Premium plans provide higher character limits and make it easier for users with lengthy documents. This saves time and effort. 
  1. Advanced paraphrasing modes: These modes provide more advanced customization options and help users achieve their desired tone. 
  1.  Additional language options: In AI paraphraser’s premium options, the user can use the tool in more advanced languages. This makes it globally acceptable and suitable. Some of the languages include French, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Greek, and Korean – only to name a few. 
  1. Enhanced accuracy and readability: Premium plans use more advanced algorithms and data processing technologies that paraphrase the text with even more accuracy and readability. This results in high-quality and even more interesting output. 

Is it safe to use an AI Paraphraser?

Using Cudekai’s AI paraphrasing tool is not only safe, but highly practical, and advantageous across various fields. One of the main benefits is that it rephrases the existing text by providing a more natural look. Users can avoid plagiarism by making it a reliable choice for students, marketers, bloggers, researchers, and content creators. 

Restructuring the sentences improves the readability of the text and makes it even more engaging. This benefits people across various fields and saves time and effort. Doing all these tasks can take a lot of time and consistent effort.

It is entirely safe to use Cudekai’s AI paraphraser as it protects the user’s data by providing complete protection to them. The data is not manipulated for any other purpose. The tool is protected with strong encryption and different security measures. 

Best AI paraphrasing tools of 2024

Here is a list of top best AI paraphrasing tooms of 2024. 

  1. Cudekai
  2. Quillbot
  3. WordAI
  4. Wordtune
  5. Jasper
  6. Writesonic
  7. Spinbot
  8. TextCortex

These tools have different functionalities and safety measures. Therefore, the user must choose the best that suits the needs and requirements of his work. Each one provides various features and pricing strategies, but Cudekai works the most effectively as it is pocket-friendly for users of any type. 

The Bottom Line

Cudekai’s best paraphrasing tool is an ideal platform for users in marketing, content, creation, teaching, academics, and professional use. It offers many different features and pricing options that suit the needs of every person. From being a multilingual platform to lessening the workload of every person, this has come into action. 


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