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Paraphrasing the Text

You are reading someone’s blog or article and you are liking it, but you cannot copy it because of copyright issues, right? But here’s a way to do it. Paraphrasing the text, or, in other words, redrafting the text,. Now, what is paraphrasing? Paraphrasing is tweaking the sentences and giving them a new look. Let’s have a look at it. 

What are the reasons behind paraphrasing? 

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Here are some of the major reasons why people paraphrase, and they need it. 

  1. Paraphrasing helps you avoid plagiarism. Copying someone’s text is unethical, and it is known as the text that is plagiarized. To remove the plagiarism, you will have to paraphrase the text. This can be done through top paraphrasing tools like Cudekai
  1. Another reason for paraphrasing the text is when you want to convey information that is not written or searched for by you. Through this, you can use external sources and data and include them in your text.
  1. If you are a content creator and want to publish someone else’s information on your website, you can easily paraphrase it and include someone’s idea in your blog. Google can fine you a penalty for copying someone else’s content. 

Type of redrafting the text (paraphrasing)

Paraphrasing comes in various ways. Here are four interesting ways in which you can paraphrase text online.

  1. Rewriting the text 

Restructuring the sentence without changing its actual meaning is known as rewriting the text. The addition of synonyms and unique phrases will let you convey the same message but in a more interesting way. To streamline your working process, use Cudekai’s paraphrasing tool and save your time. You will simply have to copy the text you want to paraphrase. Choose the mode of your choice—either basic or advanced—and press submit. You will see the results in only a few seconds. 

  1. Expand and clarify 

Another technique includes the expansion and clarification of the text. If you want to add additional information to the text, you can do that by using this approach. For instance, if you are paraphrasing a quote but want to expand it by ensuring that your audience understands it even more, make use of this expand and clarify type. 

  1. Condense and focus

This includes shortening the extra text and only keeping the part you want your audience to focus on, specifically. This will improve the readability of your content and add important points rather than fluff. 

  1. Adapt your tone

Choose the preferred tone you want your text to have. It includes customization of the tone of your choice. It can be engaging, informative, funny, or anything else your target audience likes. 

Effective ways of paraphrasing text online

Paraphrasing the text can be done in different ways. Let’s uncover some interesting and authentic ones. 

  1. Use of synonyms

Using the synonyms in the text will give it a new look but will not change the original meaning. To enhance the text even more, you can also use synonyms for different phrases. But, you will need to combine this with other strategies below.

  1. Changing the parts of speech

Another way to paraphrase the text is to change the parts of speech. You may not always use this method, as it depends on how the original passage is written. 

  1. Addition or removal of text

Add or remove the text of your choice. You can remove the text that seems irrelevant and add something even more interesting 

  1. Rearrange the structure of the sentences 

You can mix and match the sentences and rearrange their order. This will create new sentences and a look of paraphrased text.

What is the difference between summarizing and paraphrasing the text?

Paraphrasing the text means writing someone else’s text in your own words. Summarizing is different. It is to convert and rewrite the main idea of any text in your own words. The content that is paraphrased has almost the same length and number of words as the original text. Whereas, summarized text has a different and usually shorter length. It is to be brief and concise in the original content. 

If you want to give a brief overview of something that’s longer, like a research paper, essay, or any long biography, you do it by summarizing it. But, on the other hand, if you want to convey something in your own words, it is done by paraphrasing the content.

But make sure, summarizing and paraphrasing the text requires deep and thorough analysis. They both need to be done without changing the original meaning of the content. 

The Bottom Line

Cudekai’s paraphrasing tool is there to help you with all your worries. From the free version to a paid subscription, it has diverse options and different features. The tool is easier to use, fast, and safe. So, make your paraphrasing game stronger and smoother with this reliable tool whose main aim is to satisfy its user and target audience. Effective paraphrasing will enhance the readability of your text, avoid plagiarism, and avoid the use of extra words. Use the techniques we have discussed above and make it fun. 


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