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Rewrite Sentence to Pass Content Plagiarism Checkers

Plagiarism is awful. It penalizes the content, and the website can lose its audience. Plagiarized content doesn’t get ranked on Google. This can lead to low income for websites. CudekAI has a magical tool that will help rewrite sentence so that the plagiarized content can be passed from plagiarism checkers. It basically rewrites the sentences and gives them a polished and unique look. This blog will delve into how AI sentence rewriters shape plagiarized sentences.

Understanding Plagiarism 

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Plagiarism is using someone else’s work as yours, either intentionally or unintentionally. There are several types of plagiarism, and each one is considered wrong. This type of activity is very unethical as it affects the image of any writer and the impression of the website. The readers never find repetitive content attractive. The audience of the actual source is also deceived. Some forms of plagiarism are direct copying, paraphrasing without credit, self-plagiarism, mosaic plagiarism, and accidental plagiarism. 

Techniques to rewrite the sentence

Here are some great techniques to rewrite sentences. 

  1. Change the structure of the sentence 

Changing the sentence structure means the writer has to change the verbs, words, or the way the sentence is structured and written. They basically shift the grammatical constructions. But, the context and meaning of the sentence will remain the same. 

  1. Use synonyms 

Another technique to rewrite a sentence is to use different synonyms. Having a look at the thesaurus, it contains multiple synonyms for each word. But this has to be carefully done because not all the synonyms suit every sentence. In this case, keep checking every synonym and choose the one that matches perfectly. 

  1. Make alterations to the voice 

Switching between active and passive modes makes a huge difference. Active voice is more direct, whereas the passive voice adds more variety to the sentence. This alteration will give the sentence a more finer look while changing the sentence structure.

  1. Modify the details in the sentences 

Modify the level of detail in the sentences. The writer can do this by adding more detailed information in the sentence. Add more depth and expand the number of words written. 

  1. Combine and split sentences 

If the sentences are way shorter than they must be, combine them with another sentence. Another way to rewrite a sentence is to split the sentence. Splitting means breaking the most complex and longer sentences into two or three small parts. Doing it this way will make the content look more polished, and readers will be able to understand what’s written and what the writer is trying to convey. 

Supporting tools and resources 

Along with AI sentence rewriter, several other supporting tools will enhance creativity and make the sentence look even better.

  1. Cudekai’s Paraphrasing Tool

Cudekai has multiple tools stored for its users. While writing and restructuring the sentences, the paraphrasing tool helps in reshaping them by adding new words, verbs, and nouns and rewriting them differently, but the original meaning is maintained. Grammarly and Spinbot also provide paraphrasing options. This supporting tool will save time and will give rapid alternatives to phrasing. 

  1. Thesaurus and Dictionaries

Thesaurus and dictionaries have lots of meanings and synonyms for the same word. Rewrite a sentence by using them and make the sentence look stronger. All of the definitions and synonyms will not fit perfectly; therefore, it is essential to choose them wisely. 

  1. Grammar and Style Guides

There are many style guides out there that give every detail on how to write perfectly. They teach about grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. Using these guides will help the writer choose what’s the perfect way to write each sentence and what word fits which sentence. One should give this guide a proper overview and detailed reading to reduce the chances of making silly and inappropriate mistakes. 

How do you maintain the quality of rewritten sentences?

The number one rule is to recheck and revise the sentences that are changed. Once the writer has put all the sentences together, he must check whether the original meaning of the whole text is maintained or not. Check if there are any awkward phrases or grammatical errors. If any of them are present, correct them. The experts say that reading the whole content out loud is the best way to look for mistakes. 

Another way to do this is by checking the content from accurate and top-rated plagiarism checkers like CudekAI. It will compare the content from different web pages and sources. The best plagiarism checkers always do proper, in-depth research. In case there are any plagiarism errors, rewrite a sentence and change its structure or add different words to it. Make the best use of thesaurus and dictionaries here. Once done, check for plagiarism again to ensure accuracy and uniqueness.

The Bottom Line

This article included various techniques to rewrite a sentence, like adding synonyms, making alterations in the voice, changing the structure of the sentence, and modifying the details. However, one should never forget that mastering this requires constant practice and dedication. Without working on it for several months, a writer will never be able to do that perfectly. The valuable supporting tools will make the content more appealing and engaging for the readers.


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