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Using an AI Paragraph Rewriter to Repurpose Old Blog Content

The need for new and fresh content is increasing. For that, it is essential to post new blogs in order to achieve high rankings. But here’s the tip for saving time and creating new content. It is repurposing old blog content with the help of Cudekai’s AI paragraph rewriter. This artificial intelligence tool updates the information and gives each paragraph a touch of more creativity. In this article, Cudekai is going to reveal how an outdated blog post can be transformed into a new one. 

The Purpose Behind Repurposing 

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Let’s dive in to have a look at some significant benefits that come along with this process. 

The benefits of search engine optimization 

Search engines adore fresh and latest content. Repurposing with the use of this high-rated tool helps in the ranking. This activity takes place with the addition of advanced keywords, the latest information, and facts. This will lead to better visibility and increased organic traffic. The content will be more likely to be discovered by the readers. 

Extension of lifespan of the evergreen content 

Evergreen content is the type of content that remains evergreen forever, meaning always in trend. All the writer has to do is add new facts and latest information and make small changes. The content will have a polished look this way, and it will be updated. This maximizes the return on the investment and continues to provide value to the readers. 

Reaching new audiences 

The old blog was posted and reached as many audiences as possible. Now, when the paragraphs are updated and reshaped through AI rewriter, they will definitely reach new audiences. All the writer has to do is add top-ranking keywords. Many people out there may not have read the old blog. But this time, they shouldn’t miss it!  The benefit of having a new audience means that the blog can reach unlimited heights. 

Modification in content quality and applicability

Another purpose behind repurposing is to modify the content quality and applicability. It is essential because the website’s promise of providing the latest and up-to-date information must be kept. The posts need to be beneficial for the readers in one way or the other. This is how they will build confidence in the website and will gain trust. Building trust among the audience is the most fundamental part of any business – either big or small.

Steps to Repurpose Old Blog Content with an AI Paragraph Rewriter

Once the writers know why this is important, they must also see the process of how to do it. 

Identification of the content that needs repurposing 

The most crucial step is to figure out the content that needs to be repurposed. Start by looking at the past performance, the post that ranked and got higher reach, and had potential for SEO. Although, Other factors that need to be reviewed are page views, backlinks, and blog metrics. Tools like Google Analytics will help the person identify all these. 

Feed content into AI paragraph rewriter 

After the identification process, the content needs to be fed to an AI rewriter. However, One should look for a tool that matches his needs, has customization options, reasonable pricing, and is easy to operate. However, One such tool is Cudekai. Before feeding the information in the tool, remove the outdated and unnecessary information that might affect the ranking and reach of the blog. This will allow an AI generator tool to generate clean and high-quality blog posts. 

Review and edit the AI-generated content

Unquestionably, a person can never trust any AI tool. 

These tools are taught to work in a specific way with the instructions that are added to the software. Therefore, when it comes to reviewing the blog, it is crucial to check whether the content is explicit enough or not. Although, It needs to be consistent as well. In case something feels totally odd or improper, rewrite it with relevant content. The blog will reach different heights this way. 

Promising Ways for Using an AI Paragraph Rewriter

Here are some promising ways to repurpose old content through an AI rewriter. 

  1. The content must be completely authentic. It should not contain any sort of plagiarism. However, After all the process, check for plagiarism. The content must have zero plagiarism score and must be written uniquely. Original thoughts and perspectives must be incorporated into the blog. 
  1. The AI content must be balanced with human creativity. However, Human touch is very essential. It makes the content look more engaging and purposeful. Personal stories, opinions, and emotions should be added. 
  1. Keep the brand voice consistent. However, Every brand has its voice and style. The content generated from artificial intelligence tools must use a voice that the brand has already established and has used in all the blogs written. 

The Bottom Line

Using an AI paragraph rewriter is a big win-win when it comes to repurposing old blogs. However, New paragraphs are generated with the addition of new words and phrases. Old, boring words are replaced with new synonyms. This is how repurposing is done. But there is always a need for human creativity and a pinch of emotions. 


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